BPL বসন্ত প্রিমিয়ার লিগ । শর্ট পিচ টুর্নামেন্ট । Highlights

BPL illustrates as “Basanta Premier League” which is organized by the Basanta Bus route committee of University of Dhaka. Every year this committee arrange this festive cricket match for the every college students who snatch this bus route provider at their on a normal foundation varsity lifestyles. This chilly weather they organized this match respectively & every person expertise this match very fortunately. So guys & chicks expertise this video collectively alongside with your pals & family.

Basanta Bus Route Committee Basanta Bus Route Committee is one in every of the family members of University of Dhaka Central Bus Route Authority. This Bus Committee is formed as successfully as organized for the successfully being of the same outdated college students of this order route. The route consists of several areas reminiscent of Rampura TV centre, Rampura Bazar, Hajipara, Abul Lodge Chowdhury Para, Khilgaon Neighborhood Centre, Khilgaon Police Fari.

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