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Theoretical aspects of self-injurious behavior: A theory revision. Palavras-chave: conduta autolesiva, comportamento autodestrutivo, adolescentes. Self-injurious behavior is a direct and deliberated self-harm behavior that results in physic and psychology damage for victim. This behavior has high prevalence and is considered public health problem, it has been associated with several biological, psychological and social factors, mainly in the adolescence, that is the phase in which self-harm may to emerge and is more prevalent. Self-injurious behavior is typically associated with suicide behaviors and generally the literature still is heterogeneous about the phenomenon, as well as measures are scarce. Keywords: self-injurious behavior, self-harm, adolescents.

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Actualidades en Psicología , vol. Abstract: The continuity of the relationship between the father and the children after the divorce favors the development of the child and the family. The results suggests that: there are factors that favor and factors that hinder the relationship between fathers and children after divorce; this relationship exerts influence on the development of children and adolescents; separated-father parenting is marked by specific characteristics; and psychological interventions with divorced fathers are indicated to improve the functioning of binuclear families. This subject is highly relevant for the training of professionals in the health, education and legal fields, since it is a multifaceted phenomenon, complex and relevant for the development of children and family.

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