Richard Osman’s House of Video games – S04E77 (09 Feb 2021)

Kae Kurd, Zoe Lyons, Andrew Hunter Murray, Kate Robbins

Assortment 4, Week 16, Day 2

Daily this week, celeb contestants Kae Kurd, Zoe Lyons, Andrew Hunter Murray and Kate Robbins shield on a series of quiz rounds selected by the host, quiz legend Richard Osman.

A day-to-day winner is declared following a temporary-fireplace spherical on the tip of every instruct, and the ratings are tallied across the week, resulting in an overall champion being crowned on Friday.

Will the successful stars decide for the dear-coveted House of Video games suitcase, or as a replace prance for the must-have branded deckchair?


Assortment 4 Episode 77 (m000s5xb) (hd)