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I must half this a protracted time within the past. Earlier closing year, I obtained an unsettling name from the physician’s build of labor after a routine proceed to. Don’t distress, I’m fully gorgeous. I’m, however, as neurotic as ever. I’m also a pure-born researcher, so I dove straight into the online for added data. It’s better to discontinue one thing than to discontinue nothing, ?

I opened as a minimum fifty tabs to be taught the most modern be taught in regards to the cancer-combating, insulin-stabilizing, life-giving powers of total foods. Meals the truth is may perchance be the correct treatment—or as a minimum, the correct preventative treatment. I fancy that running a blog permits me to advertise total foods by ability of delicious recipes. I don’t talk great about nutrition since I’m no longer a dietitian, but here we proceed!


There are also some charming phytochemicals known as ellagic acid, which is stumbled on in strawberries, raspberries and other (mostly red-skinned) fruit, and curcumin, which is stumbled on in turmeric. The staunch effects of curcumin are magnified critically when consumed with unlit pepper. (Curiously sufficient, both turmeric and unlit pepper are ceaselessly old collectively in Indian cooking, and Indians have some distance decrease charges of cancer than we discontinue here within the US. Coincidence?)

Each existing quite loads of promise in preventing and combating cancer, among other somewhat miraculous attributes. I resolved to spend extra raspberries and catch curcumin supplements. I the truth is don’t spend sufficient fruit as it’s some distance, and figured the supplements couldn’t grief.

Raspberries posed some issues. For one, they’re no longer in season year-round they normally’re the truth is costly after they’re no longer. Have you ever ever spent 5 dollars on a microscopic container of organic raspberries, highest to catch that they’re moldy within the event you catch home? Majorly disappointing. Plus, I’m highest one particular person, and as soon as in some time unique fruit will get misplaced in my fridge forward of I will catch to it.

how to make chia seed jam

Within the future, I tried defrosting some frozen organic raspberries in my fridge overnight, and surprisingly enjoyed them on peanut butter toast the following morning. They unlock quite loads of moisture after they defrost, which lends them a pure jam-fancy consistency. Plus, you may perchance have the choice to take a tall win of frozen raspberries for the identical price as one microscopic container of unique berries.

I at closing added blueberries for even extra flavor and stronger antioxidants, and then I added some chia seeds to absorb some additional moisture and perform the mix extra jammy. Bonus: chia seeds provide some additional fiber and a few omega-3’s.

homemade chia seed jam

Now, my breakfasts aren’t total with out a copious amount of this berry jam, and I’m initiating set the day with a couple servings of fruit. I’m no longer tall at approach food preparation, but this berry “jam” couldn’t be more straightforward to perform and retains successfully for about every week. Appropriate perform good to ingredient in time for the berries to thaw (about three hours at room temperature or overnight within the fridge).

This jam doesn’t catch fancy old, tall-sweet jams because it’s made with raw berries, no longer cooked, and highest comprises as great sweetener as you resolve to have it to. I on the total don’t add any. It’s tall on toast, fancy I mentioned, and on yogurt (in all likelihood with granola) and chia seed pudding. Also pancakes, waffles and bagels. I’m no longer good it’ll be everybody’s “jam,” (sorry), but I’m the truth is into it. Please let me know what you suspect of it!

This tasty (and so simple) berry chia jam recipe is made with defrosted frozen berries, no cooking required! So many delicious uses for this easy berry chia jam recipe! It's a great way to eat more nutrient-rich berries.Super simple berry chia jam recipe goes great with yogurt and granola!

Straightforward Berry Chia Seed Jam

Author: Cookie and Kate

Recipe kind: Condiment

Prep time: 

Total time: 

Serves: 2½ cups

  • 10 to 12 oz frozen raspberries, preferably organic
  • 10 to 12 oz frozen blueberries, preferably organic wild blueberries
  • ¼ cup chia seeds
  • 2 tablespoons orange juice (about ½ medium orange, juiced)
  • As a lot as 4 tablespoons maple syrup (no longer foremost), to taste
  1. In a medium mixing bowl, combine the frozen raspberries and blueberries, chia seeds and orange juice. Quilt and let the mix defrost for about three hours at room temperature, or overnight within the fridge (the front of the underside shelf within the fridge is the correct set for defrosting, because it’s on the total the warmest build).
  2. Once the berries are defrosted and gentle, exercise a potato masher (or the help of a tall spoon or serving fork may perchance well also merely quiet work) to mash up the mix to your desired consistency. I fancy some texture in my jam, so I don’t mash it great.
  3. Taste, and when you’d fancy a sweeter jam, hasten in some maple syrup, to taste (catch into consideration that you are going to have the choice to continually factual drizzle maple syrup or honey onto your jam later, when you resolve). If the chia seeds aren’t optimistic and paunchy yet, let the mix relaxation for about 20 minutes to allow them to absorb some extra moisture.
  4. I fancy this jam on toast/pancakes/waffles/bagels, with yogurt and granola, and in chia seed pudding. Store leftover jam within the fridge, coated, for about 1 week.

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