The Resume That Got Me Into Goldman Sachs (Funding Banking Resume Guidelines)

The Resume / CV that got me an Funding Banking position at Goldman Sachs has been comprehensively discussed in this video, alongside with fresh guidelines, tricks, and most efficient practices to retain in ideas when crafting a compelling Resume / CV.

While a ambitious Resume / CV is among the a immense quantity of requirements to be conception to be a stable Funding Banking candidate, a terrible Resume / CV will mean that you don’t even qualify for the roam, now to not mention compete in it.

A vary of the candidates gunning for competitive Funding Banking jobs private stable grades and distinctive leadership / extracurricular attributes. Thus, merely having these stable credentials isn’t sufficient. It’s how you camouflage them on a single share of paper that can create you a slight uncommon amongst the hundreds of candidates.

As effectively as to covering many varied aspects, the video appears to be like at each fragment of my Resume that got me an Funding Banking position at Goldman Sachs to:

1. Underline the importance of being an all-rounder with exemplary tutorial credentials and leadership abilities.

2. Prove ideas to make spend of numbers smartly to add unparalleled extra credibility to the descriptions of your experiences for your Resume.

3. Level to ideas to create any prior work abilities that could well well no longer be connected to Finance / Funding Banking appear extra relevant (in conjunction with a technique that I had used very efficiently when describing my Consulting internship with PwC ).

4. Level to ideas to make spend of the “Pursuits” fragment of your Resume to prove your persona and distinguish yourself from varied Funding Banking candidates (in conjunction with how “Manchester United” listed below “Pursuits” on my Resume helped me fetch by strategy of to the next spherical of interviews with UBS).

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