Useless Investigate cross-take a look at | ডেড আই | Jovan | Tasnia Farin | Rakesh Basu | Valentine’s Day Natok 2021

D Drama Dhamaka brings to you Valentine’s Day Bangla Novel Natok 2021 “Useless Investigate cross-take a look at-ডেড আই” The unique natok starring Farhan Ahmed Jovan, Tasnia Farin & many more. This valentine’s day natok Script and Directed by Rakesh Basu.

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Bangla Natok | Useless Investigate cross-take a look at | ডেড আই | Jovan | Tasnia Farin | Bangla Novel Natok 2021

Natok : Useless Investigate cross-take a look at | ডেড আই
Solid : Farhan Ahmed Jovan, Tasnia Farin, Shekanul Shahi, Tamanna Islam,
Script: Rakesh Basu
Director : Rakesh Basu
Filming: Nayem Fuad
Tune: Rana Akhond
Title, Editing and Color: Tanvir Tahsan
Chief AD: Lorin Khan

© 2021 D Drama Dhamaka

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