What’s i’m feeling queer Characteristic from Google | i’m feeling fortunate

i’m feeling queer Fun From Google – What’s What’s i’m feeling queer Characteristic – Google Fun Characteristic. Even as you leer i’m feeling fortunate or i’m feeling queer that that you’ll want to well get identical end result.


Even as you search “I’m feeling queer” on Google, the hunt engine presents a animated, true device to a random ask it decides to acknowledge to. Or now not it is a fun cramped characteristic to awe at attention-grabbing info that will or maynot be of significance to you.

All you’ve to attain is chase to Google and search “I’m feeling queer” or “fun info.” Google will then return a animated random truth, frequently pulled from Wikipedia or news sites.

Each fun truth reveals up in a speech bubble at the end of Google’s end result page, with a link to the web pages the clear-prick job came from. The clear-prick job looks to be pulled straight from diversified sites, true like Google does with its constructed-in encyclopedia dubbed Knowledge Graph.

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